Monday, April 28

Guy arrested for...quoting Winston Churchill??

It's weird--one day you have a country and the next day the government throws you in jail for quoting one of your country's iconic statesmen.

In this instance the country is the United Kingdom--formerly known as Great Britain--but it could just as easily be the U.S.

Seems a U.K. citizen was standing on a street corner quoting the great Winston Churchill when the cops arrested him.  As far as can be determined his "offense" consisted of...quoting Churchill's published comments on the perils of Islam.

In the U.K., Canada and some other western nations saying anything negative about Islam will get you jailed or sued.  Doesn't matter that what you say is true--somehow truth is not allowed to be spoken.

I don't know how Islam--alone among all religions--has reached the status of "no one is allowed to criticize us" but there ya go.

And if you think this sort of speech suppression isn't coming to the U.S. at warp speed, you haven't been paying attention.


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