Tuesday, May 20

Pelosi to screen anti-Koch-brothers film in...Capitol visitors center?? defying rules banning film showing

There is a public project called the "Capitol Visitor's Center."  Not surprisingly, it shows visitors interesting things about the Capitol. 

It also has meeting rooms.

Since the center was built with public money, rules passed by both the House and senate specify that it can't be used for partisan purposes, like fundraising.  Among these is one stating that state that “no audio visual presentations in the CVC may premiere, preview, showcase, or publicize a film.”

But of course, Democrats know that rules only to apply to Republicans and conservatives, never to Democrats.  Thus Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are planning to show a film called “Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition” in the visitors center tonight.

According to the notoriously pro-Democrat site Politico, Rep. Candice Miller, the chairwoman of the House Administration Committee, wrote Pelosi saying screening the movie in the Capitol Visitor Center violates House and Senate rules.

“We cannot hold partisan political rallies or fundraisers on the grounds of the Capitol, or within its walls. Our work in this hallowed building must solely be in the interests of the American people and not in the interests of any political cause,” Miller wrote.

A Pelosi spokesman told Politico "the rules cited by Miller don’t apply to rooms in the House side of the visitor center."

“As Chairwoman Miller acknowledges in her letter, the room in question is not governed by the rules she cites. Regardless, this film was created by a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and this event is neither a fundraiser or a screening, but a press conference in which clips from the film will be shown,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said.

That's just precious.  So you can "showcase" a film--in direct violation of the rules--if you're a Democrat.  How...typical.

I'd say this was too outrageous to be true except the source is a pro-Democrat website.

So no rules or laws apply, eh Nan?  I think it's time our side took your tactics to heart.

Democrat senator Harry Reid scoffed at complaints as he prepared for a screening of an anti-Koch brothers documentary at the Capitol Visitor Center, dismissing Rep. Miller’s letter to Pelosi.

“That shows how their tentacles are in every part of the Republican congressional staff,” Reid said, calling the film a “public statement.”

So if you want to break the rules, use Alinsky's rules and rename what's unquestionably a film as a "public statement."   Makes everything just fine.

Sorry, but I really do hate these people.

Oh, here's the flier for the screening.  Remind you of anything?  Say, Nazi or communist propaganda?


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