Monday, May 19

A tale of two flag raisings

Herewith two tales involving people raising flags in the formerly great United States.  The first one happened in Paterson, New Jersey, where Palestinians raised the Palestinian flag on a flagpole at city hall.  The mayor made the kind of comments you expect of politicians looking for votes.

Contrast this with the reaction when a high school senior in Colorado raised the "Don't Tread on Me" flag on the school flagpole:  The female principal--a moonbat named Jodie Diers--went nuts, pulling the student out of a scholarship breakfast and telling him and his parents the flag was a "slap in the face" to the school. She then said he was "not welcome" at Central High.

"She also confiscated my flag," the student wrote, even though the principal admitted he had not violated any law or school policy. Her reasoning, Stoneburner said, was that anything on the pole was school property.

"So my property was confiscated without due process," he added. "I was denied access to a public institution because the principal didn't like what I did."

Government employees at all levels in this country seem to be...nuts.  School principals seem to be particularly crazy, with lines like "Anything on the flagpole is school property."

Amazing how fucked up government employees have gotten in just the past 6 years.  Wonder why?

Wait, I know:  It's all a fable created by Faux News.


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