Friday, May 16

IRS says 47% of Americans don't pay fed income tax. Dems looking for a way to discredit this statement

The liberal propaganda mill never stops, and here's its latest work:

Ever hear or read that 47% of Americans don't pay any federal income tax?  This came from IRS data and shocked almost all hard-working Americans.  The natural concern was that people who don't pay any fed income tax would be far more willing to support greater government spending since it doesn't cost them a cent.

This figure shocked Americans, and hurt Democrat pols who always push for more "free" things for their constituents.  So the Dems wanted to find a way to discredit the figure.  But since it came from the IRS, they couldn't just scream that Faux News invented it.

Well, they've now found a way to say the 47% figure is "not true:"  Simply call the social security payroll tax a "federal income tax."  Here's a troll from a comment thread:

First of all, the Republican talking point, when used correctly, states that 47% pay no Federal Income taxes. That would leave 53% paying taxes, if this statement were true, which it is not.

It is true is that about 46% don’t pay Federal Income taxes as that term is defined by the right wing slander machine. 

About 2/3 of that 46% do pay 15.3% of their gross income in payroll taxes. This is a direct tax on income derived from labor so it is the very definition of a Federal Income Tax and it applies to everyone who works for a living and reports their income. 

Since the payroll tax is levied on gross income, every worker in America pays a much higher Federal income tax rate than, say, Mitt Romney, who paid about 13% on his net income.
I suspect we'll see the Democrat media start to repeat this--loudly--to try to lull politically-indifferent folks back to sleep.


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