Friday, May 16

College students asked to name one of Hillary's achievements--one cites her handling of...Benghazi??

How do people decide if something's true?

Many investigators have studies the question, and the consensus seems to be that for most people the decision is surprisingly haphazard, even for very critical issues.  For example, before the 2008 election something like 80 percent of Americans under 30 strongly agreed that Barack Obama had more experience than the average candidate, and "was extremely well prepared" to be president.

But how did they decide this was true?  He refused to release any of his college records and even went to great lengths to avoid letting anyone see his birth certificate (before releasing a very bad photoshop just before his *second* presidential election).  As far as this group goes, Obama's main qualification to be president was being half-black.  But once the "conventional wisdom" took hold, no one on the Left looked more closely.

The question of how "conventional wisdom"--things that people take as true without much evidence--comes to exist is relevant as we approach the 2016  presidential election, with Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democrat nominee.  With that in mind, watch as a handful of college students is asked to name her most outstanding accomplishment.

Note that one female student goes so far as to praise Hillary for her excellent handling of...Benghazi.

Kinda reminds me of when Hillary's husband--Slick--was running:  Interviewers asked Americans if they knew Slick had dodged the draft.  No, they hadn't heard that.  Does it make you less inclined to vote for him?  No, they said, it doesn't change my support.  Because like Obama, Slick was "cool," hip.  The media loved him.  In fact it was reported that one female newsie for a TV network admitted she was so enamored that she'd be willing to give him what would later become known as a Lewinski.

Oh well, I'm sure all 20-somethings have always been clueless.  How could it be otherwise?  The nation's public schools teach nothing about this nation's history or the Constitution; most of the kids' parents are equally uneducated, and thus the media can literally print *anything*--no matter how false--and no one says boo.

I suspect we'll start to see more of the meme "Hillary did a great job during the attacks in Benghazi" from the MSM.  Helps the narrative, ya know.


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