Saturday, May 17

Who gets to say who's Muslim: head of Muslim terror gang, or the "deputy assistant secretary for African affairs"?

Who is more qualified to determine whether a gang of terrorists authentically represents Islam:  The leader of that gang, or the U.S. State Department's "deputy assistant secretary of state for African affairs"?

In the reign of Emperor Obama (because he sure as shit isn't merely "president" since he clearly doesn't acknowledge the Constitution as the supreme law of the land), with the help of the liberal media, there's no question:  That determination can only be correctly made by...the deputy assistant secretary of state for African affairs.

If you think that's sarcasm you're right, of course.

The deputy assistant secretary of state for African affairs is one Robert Jackson, and two days ago he made an appearance before one of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittees.  He was standing in for the Assistant Secretary for African Affairs--one Linda Thomas-Greenfield--who was reportedly traveling.  The topic was Boko Haram, and its unspeakably vile kidnapping of 270 school girls from a Christian village in northern Nigeria.

In a recent video the group's leader boasted that the schoolgirls had been forced to convert to Islam--something the Koran orders all Muslims to undertake.  “These girls, these girls you occupy yourselves with… we have liberated them. These girls have become Muslims,” he said.

Senator Marco Rubio noted that Boko Haram seemed to be targeting Christians--to which the deputy assistant secretary for African affairs replied:
Senator, I respectfully suggest while anti-Christian sentiment is a strong motivator, the fact of the matter is that Boko Haram is trying to portray its philosophy as being a Muslim philosophy, and that’s just not accurate.
So there ya have it:  Leader of Muslim group brags that his group has gotten his victims to convert to Islam--in accordance with the teachings of Islam's founding text.  He also said his group intended to sell the girls as sex slaves--again, in complete harmony with the teachings of Mohammed.  But the deputy assistant secretary of state for African affairs--presumably more of an expert on the Koran than the leader of the Muslim gang--knows better:  The terror group is "trying to portray its philosophy as being a Muslim philosophy, and that’s just not accurate."

See, just because some random guy posts a video on the internet in which he claims to be Muslim, and to be acting in accordance with Muslim philosophy, doesn't mean it's true.  After all, we have no way of knowing if the video is authentic.  This whole vid could have been made by the Koch brothers to inflame those delusional Republicans!  Because as the deputy assistant secretary for African affairs I can tell you that the man in the video doesn't look like the leader of a terrorist gang to me--and believe me, serving in the current administration I can say I've seen lots of lawless thugs.

But seriously--this is almost a definition of insanity.  "You say you're Muslim but you can't be Muslim because I say you can't!"

How utterly typical of this administration and their supporters.  Like that idiot James Clapper proclaiming that the Muslim Brotherhood were not Islamists.
It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.  ~Hasan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood--but totally unqualified to opine on the true nature of Islam (per U.S. State Dept)


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