Tuesday, December 24

You just don't understand Obama's accomplishments the way his base does

Hard-working taxpayers simply don't understand how the folks in Obama's and the Democrats' base view his accomplishments.  Here's how the people in the Democrats' base see things:

1. The level of government debt is totally unimportant--it has no effect whatsoever.  Plus, if a higher debt results in a push for more taxes, that's a chance for more redistribution of wealth!  Well done, Obama!

2. None of our problems is Obama's fault.  Instead the problem is capitalism, which is supported by Republicans.  As they've never stopped telling you, it's all Bush's fault.  The solution is to pass more rules and regulations that will eventually kill all private companies (unless they support Democrats and "social justice").

3. More regulation is good.  People should have freedom, but not companies.  Well done, Obama!

4. Obamacare is simply a necessary step to get us to a so-called Single-Payer system for health care (which is a Human Right).  Thus it doesn't matter if the website doesn't work, or if the mandate dates have to be changed, since this is all window-dressing anyway.  Well done, Obama!

5. Incomes in America are unequal because whites are racist and conspiring to oppress people of color.  Obama has exposed this systematic racism and oppression, and given hope to the oppressed minorities of America.  Well done, Obama!

6. American global dominance is bad. Obama has worked tirelessly to remove the oppressive jackboot of American arrogance from the throat of the poor countries of the world. What moral right does the US have to limit nuclear arms when we have them?  So there's nothing wrong with Obama lifting economic sanctions on Iran.  In fact we should give them our nuclear technology.  Well done, Obama!

7. One way to put an end to America oppressing other nations is to cut the size of our military.  In a peaceful world like ours, why do we even need a military anyway?  I mean, everyone knows the military budget accounts for a third of every dollar government spends.  [it's doesn't]  If we didn't have to fund that huge military just think how we could use that money!  (Hint: not by paying down the national debt, since the size of the debt doesn't have any effect.)

8.  Illegal immigration is no problem whatsoever.  It's simply unfair that people from other countries can't walk in and get full U.S. citizenship, and all the economic benefits to which citizens are entitled.  Conservatives claim this would push wages down but why should anyone think that's a problem if you're already are livin' with the EBT cards and free housing?

9.  Islam is the religion of peace.  If you've heard that Christians in Syria and Pakistan and Africa are being slaughtered, don't believe it.  It's all propaganda by racist wing-nuts trying to stir up trouble.  In fact, you should consider converting to Islam.  After all, look how popular it is!


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