Sunday, December 22

"Transgendered" now pushing to force Medicare to pay for sex-change surgery

As you may have vaguely heard, the cost of Medicare--which pays most of the cost of health care for people over 65 and younger people with disabilities--has been climbing exponentially over the last decade or so.  (If you're a lo-info voter, think "exploding".)

In fact, Medicare spending is projected to increase from $560 billion in 2010 to just over $1 trillion by 2022.  That is, it's forecast to almost double in just 12 years.  Medicare and Medicaid combined now account for a quarter of all government expenditures.

Given the fact that the federal government spends more than it takes in every single year, and that this has increased our national debt by 50 percent just in the last five years, wouldn't you think government would be looking at ways to reduce expenses?

Don't be ridiculous, citizen.  In fact, a recent proposal to the brilliant folks who run Medicare would force taxpayers to pay for...gender reassignment surgery?  For people over 65??

Yep.  And it gets better:  Last June the Center for Medicare & Medicaid notified the board that decides what Medicare will pay for that it would not file a response to the request from LGBT advocates to make taxpayers pay for such procedures.  This means only one side--the one demanding free sex-change surgery--will be heard by the board.

Wow, what a clever way to avoid controversy and possible bad press!

I sympathize with people who are "dysphoric," for whatever reason.  But to force *your* children into poverty to pay for gender reassignment surgery for 65-year-olds strikes me as a ridiculous use of scarce resources.  It makes as much sense as whining that one is dysphoric because one has always wanted to be five inches taller, and that "it's only fair" that taxpayers should pay a staggering amount to accomplish that.

Oh, and about that decision by the CMS not to respond to the demand that Medicare pay for gender-changing surgery: what do you think the odds are that this was NOT referred to the White House for instructions?



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