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Immigration "reform" bill--amnesty--inches closer

In the holiday season very few Americans have time to keep up with politics. 

And of course, what does it matter what the president or congress does, since it's all for show anyway:  Obama will do whatever he wants regardless of what some meaningless words on a piece of paper say.

"Law"?  Well sure, that what it's called, but really it's just a "suggestion" or "policy recommendation," at least if you're a Democrat.

Constitution?  Whazzat?  Oh, you mean that paper thingy that was written over two centuries ago by a bunch of rich white guys?  How in the world could that possibly be relevant today?  Geez, you conservatives are SO dumb!

Okay, I guess that's enough teasing our Lib/Democrat/"progressive" TWANLOCs, for now anyway.

Where was I?  Ah yes: no time to keep up with politics.  So I'm sure you all recall that 68 corrupt idiots in that waste of oxygen called the U.S. senate passed a bill that most liberals are calling a "sweeping immigration reform bill."  And we needed it because, as we keep hearing from every Democrat, "our immigration system is broken..." 

Certainly it's "broken" in the same sense that you'd say your house would be "broken" if 50 people broke into it every day.

For those curious, the bill runs 1,200 pages.  And in case you've been stoned for the last five years we'll go way out on a limb and bet that no senator has bothered to read the whole thing, since there's no way to know what it means in any case, until the king starts instructing the director of Homeland "Security" on what regulations to actually write.  No matter what the actual words are, they're inconsequential when it comes to how the king will implement it.

Here's how CNN touted the bill:
By a vote of 68-32 the Senate gave final approval Thursday to a roughly 1,200-page bill that promises to overhaul immigration laws for the first time since 1986, creating a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented residents while ratcheting up security along the Mexican border.

Every Democrat voted in for the bill, along with 14 Republicans.  The bill is backed by the White House and has the potential to become the crowning legislative achievement of President Barack Obama's second term.
Ah, I see...just as Obamacare was the crowning achievement of his first term, eh?  Well I'm sure he'll be every bit as successful with this one.
Obama hailed the Senate vote as a critical step toward fixing what he called a broken immigration system.  He labeled the measure that now goes to the Republican-controlled House a compromise, adding that "we just need Congress to finish the job." 

Wow, "a compromise," eh?  Uh...your rubber-stamp Democrats passed it with virtually no GOP input, but you have the gall to label it "a compromise."  Well, can't say I'm a bit surprised.

Oh, one other tiny detail:  The senate passed this way back on June 27th.

You did know that, right?  Cuz, you know, a lot of Americans might think a blanket amnesty for every illegal alien and all their extended family was semi-kinda-sorta important.  Not American-Idol important, of course, or Kardashian-level, know.

So 'fess up:  How many of you knew the senate had passed this?  Ah, almost no one.

Don't feel bad--you weren't supposed to know about it.  The coverage was designed to alert--and delight--Obama's and the Democrats' base, including illegal immigrants.  After all, the bill is a huge gift to illegals:  Not only would they get amnesty for sneaking into the U.S. illegally, they'd also get a big shortcut to full citizenship.  And if you think the Dems won't later push for every member of the extended families of the amnestied to be given a similar benefit, you haven't been paying attention.

Here's a typical Dem comment published by CNN:
Today is another historic day in the Senate," said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont. "This legislation will reunite families. It will bring millions of people out of the shadows and into our legal system. It will spur job growth and reduce our deficit. And it will make us safer. 
WOW!  How could anyone not support a bill that would do all that?

Of course Leahy is a notorious socialist and loyal Democrat, we might wanna take a little closer look at his claims:  When the senator says the bill will "spur job growth," some reporter might wanna ask "job growth for whom?"  Where's the engine in this bill that will give businessmen an incentive to start new businesses or hire new employees?

And you say it will "reduce our deficit," senator?  Both state and federal governments already give billions of dollars in cash and benefits to illegals now, despite laws barring either.  So if 30 million become full citizens, what magic beanstalk will keep them from drawing the full range of benefits available to other citizens?  If that's what you mean, I'm not clear on how that will "reduce our deficit."  But I'm sure some reporter will ask you to clarify.

Hahahahahahahaha!  No reporter will ask you jack-shit, cuz they'd lose all their party invites.

Oh, and the third howler:  "It will make us safer."  It's well documented that illegal aliens commit a disproportionately high percentage of crimes in the U.S.  But somehow legalizing their status will magically cause them to stop committing crimes...why?  And of course there's the whole "you can now import your entire extended family" benefit.  Maybe that will do the trick.

Leahy is an idiot, who lives in a protected  D.C. community with superb security, so he doesn't really have to worry about "safer" or "ghastly risk."  Think that might slant his view of risk a bit?'s the new news:  The bill has been sent to the House.  Boehner says he won't bring it up for consideration, but Boehner's actions on the budget "deal" clearly show that he's in the pocket of Team Obama.  In fact Boehner's on record saying he thinks the biggest threat to the U.S. is...those revolutionary bomb-throwers in the Tea Party!  So I don't trust Boehner to do anything conservative.

And "The Hill" quotes Reid as saying Boehner will cave:
Senate majority leader Harry Reid believes speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will negotiate on comprehensive immigration reform next year, despite his declarations to the contrary.

The Democratic leader argued that Boehner has a new willingness to confront Tea Party groups and this, in turn, gives Reid confidence that he will not have to break up the Senate immigration bill to negotiate a series of piecemeal reforms with the House.

“I think that John Boehner will conference with the Senate.  He’ll have a lot of pressure from his members now that the election is getting closer,” Reid said in an interview with The Hill.  “Some of his members are in very marginal districts where they need to do something on immigration.”
Of course since Reid is the top senate Democrat one can expect that his statements would be almost entirely propaganda.  But Boehner inspires no confidence.  None.

So my prediction:  I agree that he'll cave and take up the senate bill.  The House will pass a bill with carefully-worded language requiring lots of border security and limited amnesty.  They'll congratulate themselves on being tough.  But all their carefully-worded provisions won't be worth jack-shit when the thing goes to a "conference committee" whose members are hand-picked by Reid and Boehner.

The result will look almost exactly like the senate bill, with a couple of illusory provisions about increasing border security--which will include a provision allowing the president to waive all such provisions if he simply declares--excuse me: "certifies"--that water is wet or something equally easy.

What's funny is that no matter how many times we re-play this same bullshit kabuki dance, conservative people all over the country are lulled by the soothing reassurances.  Same ol' crap, and same result.

Oh, the bill will also have one other hidden benefit for Dems: It will guarantee that the Republicans will never again win the presidency.  Which, of course, is the great hidden jackpot for Democrats, and the main reason they're pushing this so hard.

Interesting times, eh?


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