Saturday, December 21

Where we find ourselves at the end of 2013

Liberals--with the invaluable help of the Lying Media--put an unqualified affirmative-action candidate with sealed records into the most important executive position in the world.  Perhaps eventually they'll realize the presidency is no place for on the job training.

In the meantime:
  1. In the past five years the national debt of this nation has grown seventy percent (70%)--from $10 Trillion to $17 Trillion--and far higher if you add future obligations to social security, medicare and medicaid;
  2. Unemployment is still much higher than the percentage that the media considered unacceptable when a white Republican was in the White House.
  3. The number of Americans in the workforce is lower than any time since 1978--despite a large increase in population since that year;
  4. Racial tensions are higher than I have ever seen.
  5. North Korea has tested an atom bomb. 
  6. Iran is getting close to having one--and when they do it's almost certain one of those will reportedly be mysteriously "stolen" shortly thereafter.
Democrats who have supported Obama have spent the past 5 years calling everyone who disagrees with them stupid, racist, sexist, etc. They have encouraged Obama to take money from taxpayers and  give it to the Dems' base. 

In short, they have poured acid into the machinery of society--machinery that didn't work perfectly to begin with. The social design margin has been eroded, possibly fatally.

But hey, what difference could it possibly make?  Hillary will fix things.



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