Sunday, December 22

Obama administration quietly cuts 14% from Medicare home health care to pay for Obamacare; media says nothing

Hey, remember how Obama talked a lot about "bending the cost curve over" for medical care?  Well sure enough, they did!  They cut a few billion from funding for Medicare's "home health benefit" and used that money to help pay the huge and growing costs of ObamaCare.

The administration made this announcement as it usually does with things it wants to hide--late on a Friday, just before Thanksgiving--a time when there's the least amount of attention paid to news.  And sure enough, no one seemed to notice the quiet announcement for almost two weeks.  But on December 12th the Washington Examiner published the news in an article headlined “ObamaCare forcing 14 percent cut in Medicare’s home health program.”

One of the explicit provisions of the "Affordable" Care Act was that the administration got permission to cut "up to 14 percent" from Medicare's home health program.  This was not mandatory but was at Obama's discretion.  Well, they took that option--and didn't pussyfoot around with just a small part of it, but grabbed the whole allowable amount.  I mean hey, blame congress for giving 'em permission, right?

Hey, remember those Democratic party attack ads a few years ago--the ones that had a Republican pushing granny over a cliff in a wheelchair?  They got lots of free airtime as "news" stories--cuz, see, when Republicans cut benefits to the elderly it's front-page, hand-wringing, tragic news.

When Obama really *does* cut 14 percent from a Medicare program, no one in the mainstream media so much as bats an eye.

But there's no pro-Democrat bias in the media at all.  No no no.  It's all your imagination, citizen.


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