Tuesday, December 24

Why are young people--the ones needed to fund a big chunk of Obamacare--not signing up in huge numbers? Oh...

The author of the blog "Vodkapundit" was looking at some of the questionable assumptions underlying the 2,000-page nightmare called Obamacare.  He was struck by how much the law's funding seemed to depend on healthy young people (but over 26, of course) buying new, more-costly health insurance.

He drily noted,
If they weren’t motivated to buy health insurance when it cost less, what in the world would motivate them to buy more expensive insurance covering a whole host of things most people will never need? 
Oh, dat's it:  If you don't buy new, gummint-approved insurance, ya gots ta pay a fine.

Or is it a tax?  Seems ta me the Supreme Court said it had to be a tax to overcome some Constitutional problem, but it's hard to remember.  Wait, how could it be a tax?  Cuz didn't Obozo *promise* he wouldn't raise taxes by "a single dime" except on "The Rich"? 

Guess there are a lot more "rich" under-30's than we ever thought.  Wonder why we never realized that before?

Vodkapundit's observation seems so obvious that one imagines that surely someone realized it before the bill was rammed into law.  If the Democrats in congress hadn't been SO intent on ramming this thing through, they might have sat down with the folks from the other side and said, Do y'all see any fundamental assumptions we've made that look, oh, maybe a bit shaky?

Guess the Dems didn't wanna do that, eh?  After all, why negotiate when you can simply dictate?


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