Sunday, December 22

NJ company giving GPS locators to churches to...ah, you won't believe it

I hadn't heard about this but given the state of America today I can't say I'm at all surprised: 

Every year, apparently, people steal figures of the baby Jesus from nativity scenes.

I guess this is more common in the northeast, although I would guess California would be a close second.

In any case, one enterprising security company in New Jersey has decided to try to help:  They're giving free GPS locators to religious institutions, and then monitoring the devices--again at no cost.

No word on whether they've had any hits yet.

Next expected event:  Some dickless pencil-neck in one of the gazillion government agencies in charge of equality of everything will sue to force the company to either stop doing this, or else to give locators to every outfit that bills itself as vaguely religious.  On the grounds of fairness.

And you think, By what tortured twisting of the Constitution does any level of government image it has the power o dictate to whom a company can give a gift?

Anyone wanna bet on how long it takes this to happen?

Hey, just three short years ago you never would have believed the Obama administration would ram a bill into law that would force companies to stop selling you health insurance that you liked, either, eh?

No problem, citizen.  Shut up and buy your new government-mandated insurance.

Oh, and elect more Democrats.


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