Saturday, December 21

DHS helping bring kids of illegals INTO the U.S, flying them to their illegal-alien parents?!

Here's one of those stories about the Obama administration that you *never* would have believed possible five years ago.

Illegal aliens already in the U.S. are paying smugglers to sneak their young children across the Mexican border.  The kids are then picked up by our department of Homeland Security (??) and...flown by DHS--at taxpayer expense--to reunite with their illegal-alien parent in the U.S.!

Homeland Security officials told the court they won’t prosecute the illegal immigrant parents for their role in the smuggling.  The federal judge who heard the case said this appeared to be a department-wide policy.  He added that it's the fourth such case he's seen in the past month.

It's a perfect example of Alinski:  Use the goodness and compassion of Americans against them.  In this case the smugglers know the U.S. government can be counted on not to deport the smuggled kid but to do exactly what they've been doing:  Complete the smugglers' mission by flying the illegal kid to his illegal-alien parent.

Government officials say they are considering trying to deport the illegal parents--with their kids--but as the reporter wrote with tongue in cheek, "it was unclear whether that had been done."

Of course it is NOT unclear, since a) Obama's official policy is not to deport illegal aliens; and b) if they'd done that they would have announced it on every news program to show that they were *reeally* getting tough on illegal immigration.  They didn't.  For a good reason.


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