Tuesday, December 17

US-Iranian "deal" has reportly collapsed?

I've written several posts about the illusory deal the Obozo administration made with Iran, ostensibly to try to get the mullahs to wave off building an atomic bomb.  Now comes an Iranian ex-pat who claims the Iranians have now said there is no agreement.  In fact they say Iran's uranium program is going ahead full speed.

Now, I have no problem with junking this entire agreement--or non-agreement, or whatever it turns out to be.  It was crap from the outset.  But the problem is that the Obozo administration clearly wants so badly to be seen as scoring a great foreign-policy achievement that they're likely to do the unthinkable: 

As impossible as it sounds, I think there's an excellent chance that they'll pretend nothing's wrong, and will use that lie as a pretext for going ahead and removing economic sanctions on Iran.

I know this sounds utterly crazy--and is:  The rag-heads have already stated, quite openly, that the deal is dead and they're enriching full-throttle.  How can the Obamites put that genie back in the bottle?

Why, by simply using that tried-and-true Democratic tactic:  They'll simply deem the deal to still be working as planned.

But even if they can do that, it seems kind of risky--too many people could interview the Iranians and find out the truth of the matter.  Ah, but that doesn't reckon with the Lying Media's slobbering love affair with Obozo:  If he can persuade his media allies to refrain from reporting on the agreement, the average citizen would have no way of knowing whether the deal is working or not.

Another argument in favor of going this route is that it keeps Obama and company from looking like they've been conned.  After all, as part of the agreement the U.S. and western partners agreed to un-freeze a whopping $5 Billion in Iranian oil revenue that had been frozen as part of the economic sanctions.  If the Iranians have actually taken possession of a substantial amount of than money, that would be embarrassing to Team Obama.  I'm pretty sure they'll do anything to avoid that.


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