Tuesday, December 17

Annual book of gummint waste: $30 Billion last year seems a low estimate!

Every year senator Tom Coburn publishes some of the more egregious examples of government waste.  The extensively-footnoted 177-page report lists nearly $30 billion wasted by the feds just last year alone. 

Some examples:

•  The State Department--John Kerry's empire--spent $5 million on new hand-blown crystal stemware.  (One wonders what was wrong with the *old* stemware.)

•  $65 million in taxpayer money that the Obama administration gave to New York and New Jersey for relief of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy ended up being spent on...television ads promoting tourism.

• $124,955 to build a 3-D printer to make pizzas for NASA.

• $566,000 paid by the U.S. Postal Service to hire a “futurist” to try to envision a viable future for the post office.

• $1.5 million spent every year by the FBI to coach Hollywood producers and writers on how to portray that agency in movies.

A commenter made a good point: "I don't care how movies portray the FBI--after all, the movies are *fiction,* right?  Waste of money indeed."


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