Monday, December 16

What do you *mean* Obama hasn't signed up for Obamacare yet??

OBAMACARE!!  OMG, what a *fabulous* law!  It is SO wonderful!  So to set an example--"leading by example", doesn't that sound *wonderful*??--Barack got right out in front and signed up just after the launch October 1st.

What?  He didn't?  Gee, I must have read the newsfeed wrong.  Must have read "Back in November."

What?  Not then either?  Well surely he has by NOW, since by his own signature law everyone has to have health insurance that includes maternity care for men no later than December 23rd, surely he's signed up by now, right?

No?? can that be, since Obamacare it's such a fantastic deal?  I mean, *surely* you don't suppose he'd ever--gasp!!--ignore his own fabulous law do ya??  Cuz I mean, one or two folks out in stupid flyover country might somehow come to the conclusion that he a...a...a...I can't even say it.  A hypocrite.

There, see what you made me do??  I'm never gonna be invited to an "A-list" party again!

Wait!  He still has, what, nine more days, right?  So I'm sure he'll do what his law says.  Cuz, you know...

Wait, wait, I know!  This is just a lie made up by the Rethuglicans to try to harm our wonderful Great Leader.  Yes, yes, that's got to be the explanation!  Oh thank Barack!  For a moment there I thought I was gonna lose my rock-solid take on reality!


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