Tuesday, December 17

Are men obsolete? Lots of "elites"--including Team Obama--apparently think so

Are men obsolete?

Far too many of our opinion-shapers seem to agree with feminists that in our modern western society men simply aren't needed...for anything.

My students can probably guess that I find this notion about as amusing--and about as accurate--as most of the other oh-so-profound theories of the so-called "elites."  Which is to say, it's about as accurate as, oh, the notion that humans have caused the last 5000 years of global warming.  Oh wait, I think the current elite-approved term is now "climate change"--although that too may have already been replaced by something even harder to falsify.

Oh, certainly a small number of women seem to grudgingly acknowledge [do not start with that split-infinitive stuff] that men do do a handful of somewhat-useful (and largely invisible) things that keep the mundane but necessary wheels of modern society turning:  farming, construction, drilling for and refining--ewww!--oil and so on.  But of course in a modern society most of these could always be done either by imported males or--by far the preferred means--by people doing the actual work overseas.  See, that wouldn't cause any pollution or similar evils.

But other than those things, the people who shape opinions in this country seem to believe men--in the classic sense--are anachronisms.

After long seconds of analysis it occurs to me--as it has to many others--that the reason for this is pretty obvious: The nanny-state government has made men superfluous, by doing almost everything men formerly did.  Why would any woman need to "put up" with a man if she doesn't have to?

Obama actually explicitly pushes the notion of government being more important--far more--than a solid family:  Anyone recall the wonderful life of "Julia" on "mybarackobama.com" about five months before the 2012 presidential election?

Interestingly, the gummint's replacement of most male functions has had a perverse--though utterly predictable (and widely predicted)--effect:  Now that women can count on government for all their needs, and thus don't need men, the crudest, most predatory, least moral and least responsible males can father as many children as they wish, with many different females.  Not only is there no disapproval, such behavior is widely regarded among many of the young as the epitome of social success.

Of course anyone with functioning brain cells can see where this will end:  With few exceptions, most boys raised by single moms will be low-functioning, virtually uneducated and almost unemployable.  Most single moms will continue to depend on welfare to live.  Government welfare payments will continue to increase exponentially, as it has with the doubling of people on food stamps since 2007. 

The number of people paying federal income tax will continue to decline.  With rare exceptions deficits will continue to increase.  Government borrowing--and interest payments--will continue to increase.  The government will continue to print at least $85 billion in new currency every single month.

Nah, I'm just kidding:  Nothing to worry about.  Everything's gonna be just fine.  Because Barack.


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