Monday, December 16

Carjackings? Didn't those stop being a problem years ago??

Anybody old enough to remember "carjackings?"  That was a crime that erupted in the 1990s, exploded into an epidemic almost overnight and then, after six months or so...mysteriously stopped. 

At least, from the lack of reporting on it you'd think it had all but stopped.

Guess what, sparky:  It hasn't.  The reason you haven't heard much about it is that your betters in the Lying Liberal Media have decided they don't want to publish anything about it.  Cuz, you know, it doesn't fit The Narrative.  Which, of course, is that crime is waaay down, especially in the last five years.

"Wait" you say, "the Media would never ignore a major story like that.  So what you just said can't be true.  You're just talkin' scare-talk, conspiracy stuff.  Tinfoil-hat nonsense."

Okay, Tinkerbelle, consider this:  Guess how many carjackings occurred in a single county in New Jersey (Essex county) last year.  Answer: 416, or more than one per day--up 44 percent since 2010.

And that's in a single county.

But don't you worry, princess:  Us Liberal Media types will tell you everything you need to know.  And if we don't report it, you don't need to worry your pretty head about it.  Cuz we always have your best interests at heart.  Really.


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