Tuesday, December 10

Deal lifted sanctions on Iran in return for zip, but Kerry says "lots more sanctions remain"??

As noted elsewhere on this blog, Obama's state department has negotiated a deal with Iran, under which the West will lift most economic sanctions, and immediately release something like $5 Billion in Iranian funds frozen by those sanctions in western banks.  In return the Iranians agreed to keep doing what they're doing--enriching uranium--but promised not to enrich beyond 5 percent.

To say this is an illusory promise is way too generous.  One gets the strong impression that Obama wanted to seal *any* kind of a deal on foreign policy to distract from his disastrous "red line" flop on Syria and the ongoing disaster that is Obamacare.

In any case, Sec of State John Heinz Kerry reportedly addressed the House Foreign Affairs Committee, asking congress not to impose new sanctions on Iran.

Following is from the Times of Israel, so I'll just take it as provisional for the moment.
Anticipating being pressed by members of Congress on the repeal of sanctions placed on Iran by Congressional mandate, Kerry told the committee that the estimated $7 billion in sanctions relief that would result from Iran’s compliance with the interim agreement “pales in comparison with the amount of pressure we’re leaving in place.”
Wait, you say $7 Billion in sanctions relief "pales in comparison with the amount of pressure we're leaving in place"??  Tell us, asshole, what sanctions will remain?  Because all the reports so far say most sanctions will be ended.  Frankly I think you just pulled that phrase right out of your ass, since you know no reporter will ask you to provide any backup.  Sorta like "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.  Period."

The article said "At several points, Kerry and lawmakers talked over each other as they argued about whether the deal recognized Iran’s “right” to enrich uranium — which the administration rejects — and about the details of international inspections on Iranian sites..."

Interesting:  The fact that they're *arguing* about whether the deal recognized this or that tells me that the language is completely full of holes--vaporware, illusory provisions.  A clear agreement would *be* clear on its face.

But Heinz-Kerry wasn't done.
Describing additional sanctions as “gratuitous,” Kerry emphasized that he would not rule out such legislation in the future.
Wow, you won't "rule out such legislation in the future"?  That's very damn generous of you, John, seeing as how you aren't in the senate any more.  Just how were you thinking you *could* "rule out" such legislation?  Oh, that's right:  Your party owns the fucking senate, so nothing will pass if your Democrats don't like it.

But hey, it doesn't matter what kind of laws congress passes, since King Barack breaks any that he wants to, with utter impunity.  Sweet deal, eh?

When I was younger I recall hearing the phrase "We're a nation of laws, not men."  Funny, you don't hear that phrase anymore--I guess because no one could say it with a straight face. 


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