Monday, December 16

University considering making insurance companies cover sex-change surgery

This just keeps getting better:

According to the University of Maryland student newspaper, the university is considering a change to require that health insurance offered to students cover...wait for surgery.

The university has submitted proposals to three separate companies detailing what the university would like its new plan to include and “all include coverage of up to $100,000 for any kind of sexual reassignment procedure,” according to the newspaper.

Some on campus view the current lack of coverage for such procedures as a form of...wait for it...discrimination.

This, gentle reader, is how stuff like this works its way from "What, are you nuts?" to the unison whine of "It's just not faaiiir that those poor misgenderized persons can't get free reassignment surgery!"  This quickly spreads to the "LGBT Equity Panels" at other universities--I mean, what Equity Panelist would want to be left out of such a magnificent wave of equitization?  Three months later the Ivies and Stanford will have gotten onboard.

And then three years later a proposed regulation will appear on page 23,847 of the Federal Register.  Written in that nearly incomprehensible language called bureaubabble, it will seem to propose that after a certain date, such benefits shall be mandatory at all universities.  There will be a lot of confusion on this since after all,  the whole purpose of writing regulations and laws in bureaubabble is so the rubes can't really be sure what a proposed regulation will actually require.  Advocates will publicly reassure taxpayers that the reg doesn't really do what it seems to, while privately crowing to other Equity Panelists that they're about to win a huge victory for The Cause.

Of course there will be a "comment period," during which members of the public will be encouraged to voice their reactions and suggestions.  These will be a huge source of amusement and among the bureaucrats at whatever agency is proposing the thing, and then all comments will be incinerated in a ceremony humorously named "doing the peoples' work." 

It's a matter of pride to bureaucrats that no federal agency has ever changed as much as a single letter of a regulation because of adverse public comment.

And a year later congressional Democrats will propose that sex-change surgery be added to the many wonderful benefits of Obamacare.

But don't worry, citizen, because...all of those "benefits" are absolutely free!  That's right, they don't cost anyone a single dollar!  Isn't that wonderful?  It's because of the fabulous benefits of mutual insurance, where we all go into a risk pool together.  Don't try to follow the details of where the funds come from to make it cost-free, because there's a lot of math and you have to have a very specialized degree to understand math.  Which you don't.  So just trust us. 

After all, the Rethuglicans tried to convince you that the president lied about your being able to keep your doctor, and it took us a long time to undo all that awful mistrust.  Shame, shame on them!  Much better if you just listen only to us.  Cuz, we're looking out for you.


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