Saturday, December 21

Hey, somebody stole my revolution!

Interesting AP story about conditions in Syria:
Shortly after the revolt against President Bashar Assad erupted in March 2011, Imad al-Souri quit his computer job to help the revolutionaries. He uploaded video of protests and sneaked banned loudspeakers to demonstrators to amplify their calls for Assad’s downfall.

Not anymore.

The 28-year-old al-Souri recently fled Syria, fearing he would be killed or abducted by Islamic extremists who have taken over the war to oust Assad and are increasingly targeting those who don't share their fanatical religious views.  Dozens of Syrians have been abducted by radicals.

It’s a shocking turn for anti-Assad activists. At the start of the uprising they worked in secrecy because of Assad’s ruthless security services. Now their main fear is extremist Muslims.

The trend was highlighted by two reports issued Thursday.  The rights group Amnesty International said in a report that one of the most powerful militant groups, the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), is running secret prisons in territory it controls, carrying out torture and summary killings.

Children as young as eight are held along with adults in seven ISIL-run detention facilities, it said. Many detainees are held for challenging ISIL’s rule, or for committing purported “crimes against Islam,” such as smoking cigarettes.
One can't help but feel sorry for a guy who wanted to help his country overthrow a dictator--a guy who lived like a king and ruled by decree--only to see his revolution taken over by Muslim extremists who are arguably worse than Assad.

There's a lesson here:  Those who support revolutions by Muslim fanatics always find themselves worse off than before.  Radical Islam is a cancer.


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