Thursday, December 19

CIA head Brennan leaked word of an agency asset in Yemen, and everyone covered it up

John Brennan is Director of the CIA. Before that he served as chief counterterrorism advisor to King Barack. He served 25 years with the CIA, mostly as an analyst but also including a term as station chief in Saudi Arabia.

In December of 2009 a Nigerian Muslim attempted to blow up a packed U.S. airliner with an explosive device hidden in his underwear.  The device didn't explode but merely caught fire.  The terrorist was jumped on by several passengers, subdued and the fire was extinguished.

In the next couple of days Obama's director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano tried to reassure Americans that U.S. security measures were just super.  She said, "once the incident occurred, the system worked."

Say WHAT??  Guy is able to board airplane with explosives, triggers them, but because the thing didn't explode "the system worked"?  Don't think so, Sparky.

After a wave of criticism, the next day she changed the story, admitting that the system "failed miserably." The Muslim in the White House called the failure to prevent the bombing attempt "totally unacceptable" and fired Napolitano.

Just kidding!  Obozo wouldn't do that, cuz his female supporters would be pissed, and he knew he'd need every female vote to win re-election.  Instead he...ordered an investigation.  By...wait for it...his Department of Injustice, chaired by the lying but politically-reliable Eric Holder.

On May 7th of 2012, Brennan--acting as Obozo's chief counterterrorism advisor--convened what was described as a "private" conference call with non-government terrorism analysts hired by the major networks.  During this call he stated that the underwear bomb was never a threat to the public because "we had inside control" of it--a claim that was picked up and broadcast by virtually every network.

This revelation was universally interpreted as meaning the CIA had an "asset"--a person working for us--inside Al-Qaeda in Yemen.  If that was true, Brennan's incredibly careless comment to newsies would almost certainly have put the asset's life at risk, as security agents in Yemen would review the contacts and schedule of everyone who knew about the bomb plot.

Then the news that "someone" had leaked this infomation was itself leaked.  This got Obama's bumbling Injustice Department looking for the source of the original leak--with (I know you're shocked) no success.

As a result of Brennan's leaked information, U.S. and allied officials told Reuters that they were forced to end an operation which they hoped could have continued for weeks or longer.

The White House placed the blame squarely on AP, calling the claim that Brennan had leaked sensitive information "ridiculous."  "It is well known that we use a range of intelligence capabilities to penetrate and monitor terrorist groups," according to an official statement from the White House national security staff.  "None of these sources or methods was disclosed by this statement. The egregious leak here was to the Associated Press."

"The White House fought to prevent this information from being reported.  No one is more upset than us about this disclosure, and we support efforts to prevent leaks like this which harm our national security," the statement said.  Note:  The WH wasn't upset about Brennan leaking the info, but rather that this information was reported by the media, even though it was not declared to be classified.

To the surprise of no one at all, the huge investigation by Obozo to find out who leaked the Yemen asset to the meeting came up totally empty.

In the intel community, disclosing a secret operation--unless part of a deliberate leak-detecting operation--is a major fuckup.  Like, should be career-ending.  But Barry bein' so smart 'n shit, just eight months later he selected this major fuckup to head the entire CIA.  Because Obama.

But finally things came full circle during Brennan's senate confirmation hearing this past February, when a GOP senator raised the matter with the nominee, and asked him what he knew.

Brennan then admitted to Sen. James Risch (R-ID) that he had leaked the “inside control” information.  Risch replied,
Having said that, it seems to me that the leak that the Justice Department is looking for is right here in front of us.
Now, I can understand how a political critter like Brennan could--in an effort to deflect blame from both his boss and his organization--inadvertently leak info about an undercover asset to the press.  And don't try to tell me that Brennan's CIA record means he'd never make a mistake like that:  I've known a station chief, and wasn't impressed.  My point is that political creatures will burn any and every asset they've got if needed to protect their turf and their boss (if from the same party).

No, the thing I find...noteworthy...about this is how the alleged "investigation" by Obozo's lackeys at DOJ *allegedly* failed to identify Brennan as the leaker.  That's simply not remotely plausible, because there were at least six network analysts on the conference call, and they were all presumably taking notes like mad.  Any one of them would have been able to ID Brennan as the leaker had they been asked.

Clearly, either no one at DOJ asked either the analysts or Brennan about the leak--making a mockery of the alleged "investigation"--or they did, and identified Brennan as the source of the leak.  In which case the DOJ knew.

Oh, and if you think this is all speculation, a private outfit Judicial Watch sued to obtained a full transcript of the teleconference in which Brennan leaked the asset.  And they won.  And it showed exactly what I said above.  Click here for details.

Now for the payoff pitch:  We have a known major fuckup who burned a *very* rare asset inside al-qaeda in Yemen.  Why would Obozo nominate *this* guy to head CIA?  And for the bonus: what message does this send to Muslims who might be considering U.S. recruitment offers to work in place supplying info to the U.S?

Yeah, thought so.


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