Thursday, December 12

Extreme anti-religious judge confirmed to DC circuit, thanks to Reid's elimination of filibuster

At 12:52 a.m. on Thursday, 51 senators--every single one of them Democrats--voted to confirm a judge by the name of Cornelia Pillard to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals--by most accounts the nation's second most important court.

This almost certainly doesn't move your giveashit meter even a degree.  That's because you're way too busy with making a living or raising your kids or trying to keep a roof over your head to know a damn thing about crap like this.

Here's why it should matter:  Pillard's public statements show her extreme hostility to religious liberty.  In 2011 she commented on a case titled Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church v. EEOC, which sought to clarify whether a church--in this case a Lutheran Church--has the right to determine who qualified to be appointed by that body as one of its ministers.

In case you're too young to have this figured out yet, the church took the position that no one--not the EEOC or any other fucking government nanny--could dictate who they must appoint as a minister of their own f'n church.  Cornelia disagreed--she felt the government had the absolute right to dictate who a church would be allowed to appoint:

"The Lutheran Church’s position here is a substantial threat to the American rule of law," she said at a press conference. "It would effectively empower any religion to create its own autonomous Vatican City-­style regime for employment-­law purposes, a sovereign unto itself over which the federal courts [would] lack civil rights jurisdiction.

OMG!  Someone wants to decide for themselves who can be their minister??  This cannot be allowed!  If the EEOC says you have to hire a lesbian crackhead as a minister you WILL do so or we'll fine you into poverty!  I have spoken!

Cornelia then helpfully added, "It's hard to see the Supreme Court deciding that that is what the First Amendment law requires."  Yeah, baby.  We won't have any of that archaic First Amendment "freedom of religion" crap here!

A few months later all nine Supreme Court justices ruled in favor of the Lutheran Church.

In judicial terms this is the ultimate rebuke of your opinion--especially considering how many flaming liberal/progressives sit on the court!  Surely *one* had to agree with Cornelia, eh?  Sadly, no.

Now think:  Cornelia Pillard is so outrageously extreme, hard Left that not a single liberal on the Supreme Court voted to support her position in this case.  With such a stellar record of sound judicial judgment (yes, that's sarcasm), how wacked-out would a president have to be to nominate that person to a lifetime post on the nation's highest court?

And if Harry Reid and the Democrats hadn't changed the filibuster rules, she wouldn't have been confirmed.  Because under the old rules for confirmations it took 60 votes to break a filibuster.

But guess what?  Reid and the Democrats used their senate majority to eliminate filibusters for judicial nominees below the Supreme Court.  So this wacko was confirmed with just 51 votes--again, all of them Democrats.

Wow, see how quickly Reid was able to make that rule change work for the Dems?  Sweet, huh.

Most of you never even heard that Reid and the Dems eliminated the filibuster for most appointments.  Those of you who did hear about it thought it was all arcane and hypothetical.  It's not, and you just found out how much "not."

But the damage is just beginning, because virtually all lawsuits against federal agencies are filed in D.C.  That means any appeals are heard in...the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.  Which just got one more lifetime appointee who thinks the govt should be able to dictate who churches can hire.

Wonder how fast Cornelia's opinion about religion will change when Muslims try to ban the sale of alcohol, or ban dancing, or non-religious music.  Or refuse to carry people in their government-licenses cabs if they have a dog with them, or alcohol.

I'll bet she supports the freedom of *that* religious in every case.

Now:  Is there any adult who thinks Obozo did *not* know her position--in extreme detail--when he nominated her to the DC court of appeals?


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