Sunday, December 8

Was the goal of Obamacare really "affordable health-insurance"?

Sorry but I'm really pissed.  I'm angry that we have a socialist Muslim in the White House.  Angry that stupid, greedy Democrat congresswhores blithely rammed government-run insurance down our throats.  Angry that the slick-talking con-man in the White House managed to successfully lie to voters about being able to keep their health insurance; angry that he's violated the Constitution numerous times and hasn't been impeached--because the fucking Democrats control the senate.

Ah well, my life is generally so superb that I probably needed something to be vexed about to avoid boredom.

With that said, my friend Mike,who runs Cold Fury, has done a great job listing the legacy of Obamacare, so I'd like to hand it to him:
What has actually been accomplished with Obamacare is what Obama and the Democrat Socialists wanted to do from the outset:  to completely destroy the private-sector health-insurance system.  They wanted this because it would give them a perfect excuse for instituting the socialized medicine system called "single payer" that they wanted all along.

Forever after this, health care in this poor, betrayed country will look like the website: more cumbersome, unwieldy, ineffective, inefficient, and outrageously expensive than before. Oh, there'll be a never-ending stream of “fixes,” endlessly hyped and poorly applied, but nothing significant will improve.  The improvements will be not in fundamental viability but in trivial detail.

There will be layers on layers of inflexible bureaucracy to be dealt with. Navigating it will require inside knowledge, not for care but for influence.  Because as in all socialist systems, getting what you need will depend entirely on who you know,” on currying favor and sucking up to government officials who care nothing about your health and everything about ticking off the right check-boxes on the mandatory forms and applications. Getting to the right specialist or the right treatment.will require greasing palms and stroking the egos of the appropriate officials.

The only treatment options will be those approved by the State.  All medical decisions will be carefully monitored, examined and approved (or not) by the new layer of bureaucrats inserted between patient and doctor.

There's no question that our previous--and now illegal and dismantled--health insurance system, like the “justice” system, favored those with plenty of money, who could spend freely to get the treatment they wanted. Even so, the results most of the middle and lower classes could expect from it were still pretty fabulous, especially when compared with most places and with the historical record.  The rising tide of social prosperity did indeed “lift all boats” and raise the overall quality of care.  Those with neither insurance nor cash could still go to the emergency room for free–a better option than being on a years-long waiting list of some national health care system.

That's all gone now, deliberately destroyed by the Democrats in the name of easing “liberal guilt" for the plight of the poor and chronically sick.

Look at any current socialist “experiment” and you’ll be looking at your future. Once-Great Britain, the former USSR, Cuba, North Korea, Uganda: all point in the same direction, their differences not of kind but of degree. 

Once the seed corn is devoured, all that’s left is the iron fist of the State–whose grip never loosens until it is forcibly removed.

No, the government won’t be “getting it right this time.” Failure is baked into the totalitarian cake. The problems are a lot bigger and tougher than fixing a balky website. Our problems didn’t start with a failed website.

Welcome to the Tyranny of the Mediocre. Welcome to Obamerika.


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