Tuesday, December 10

Free speech for Democrats only

This next may not strike some of you as alarming, but read on and you'll see why it should be.

Governments in California--at every level--are controlled by Democrats.  Dems control virtually every city and county government and have controlled the state legislature for, oh, 30 years or so.  During the last two presidential elections it was common to see Obama campaign signs and banners in government offices.

Recently a county employee in California made a casual water-cooler comment about the rocky start of Obamacare.  One of her co-workers reported it to the employee's supervisor.

The employee was then called in to that supervisor's offices and was told that if she wanted to make any negative comments in the future she was to leave the building and make them outside.

Free speech?  We don't allow that here--unless you're for Obama, in which case you can bring in banners.

As I noted above, this may not strike some of you as a big deal, but consider the double-standard here:  If you support the Democrat you can say and post anything.  But anyone wanting to make a comment critical of Dear Leader can't make it inside.

Chilling effect?  Not if you're a Democrat.  And no supervisor is ever reprimanded or demoted for these actions, let alone fired.

And by getting away with it, they feel emboldened to allow more and more pro-Democrat behavior in government offices.

But hey, who cares, right?  I mean, Democrats have no restrictions on their speech, so what's the problem?  This Democrat supervisor was just helping the bosses.  Which is what all good government employees are expected to do.  Right? 


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