Thursday, December 12

Another woman killed in Palestine for having an affair--maybe

Muslim males being Muslims, part gazillion:
AQQABA, West Bank, Dec 11 (Reuters) -- Outside this village in Palestinian territory last month, Rasha Abu Ara, a 32-year-old mother of five, was beaten to death and hanged from a gnarled tree branch.

The woman's alleged sin was adultery, and
security sources told Reuters she was killed by either her own brother or husband.  Both are behind bars while an investigation continues.

Her murder brought to 27 the number of women slain in similar circumstances in Palestinian-run areas this year, according to rights groups -- more than twice the number killed last year.
This story is utterly common in many Muslim countries--and you'd think American feminists would be howling for an end to the practice of so-called "honor killings" (which are actually strongly encouraged in Muslim circles).  But of course, since the perps were Muzzies, silence.

There's a twist at the end of this story, but not a good one:  It's the reaction of the Palestinian Minister of Women's Affairs, a woman named Rabiha Diab, who put most of the blame for honor killings on... Israel??
The Israeli occupation is the one practising the utmost violence ... it's the main thing keeping us from advancing.
Yeah, dat's it you moron.  Don't blame your bloodthirsty male co-religionists for killing the woman, blame everything on Israel--kinda like King Barack blaming G.W. Bush.

I'm not jewish but that song's gettin' old. 


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