Sunday, December 8

Obama: One of the most effective ways there is to boost our economy is...unemployment insurance?

In his weekly radio address our most exalted emperor said this (go to 8th 'graf):
Unemployment insurance is one of the most effective ways there is to boost our economy. When people have money to spend on basic necessities, that means more customers for our businesses and, ultimately, more jobs.
Well certainly everyone knows that when people have money to spend, businesses do better and that ultimately creates more jobs.  But who would ever have guessed that one of the most effective ways to boost the economy was...unemployment insurance?

Here I'd always thought that adding more private-sector jobs would be the most effective way, but then I graduated quite a few years ago, before the public schools started teaching Democrat Math.  It almost sounds like he's just pulling bullshit out of his ass, like that reassuring line "If you like your health insurance you can keep it, period."  But maybe I'm just not sophisticated enough to figure it out.

I mean, I truly sympathize with those who've been laid all the coal miners who've been laid off because Obama and the Democrats supported new EPA regs that resulted in the shutdown of--at last count--34 coal-fired powerplants.  And for employees who've had their hours cut to less than 30 hours a week as businesses try to stay below the number of full-time employees that triggers costly fines under Obamacare.  And I don't have a problem if congress wants to extend U/E benefits.  But to say that's "one of the most effective ways to boost the economy"--well that strikes me as utter bullshit.

But y'know, I think I'm starting to see a pattern here:  Obama--with the wholehearted support of congressional Democrats--passes laws or regulations that cost jobs, then slyly, disingenuously goes on national radio to imply that none of  that matters because, hey, one of the most effective ways there is to boost our economy is...unemployment insurance!

On second thought, I think I just might understand how he could say that:  It's that with a Democrat in the White House and Dems controlling the senate, creation of new jobs will always be a distant second to unemployment benefits in importance to the U.S. economy.

Yep, that sounds like the reason all right.


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