Saturday, December 14

Cairo gets first snow in 112 years??

A snowstorm of "rare intensity" blanketed Jerusalem with what appears to be a foot of snow three days ago.  Further south, Cairo got its first snow in 112 years.  Click the link for 47 pics.

"First snow in 112 years," huh?  "Storm of rare intensity" eh?  Must be all that damn global warmening.

Yes, I know, three or four data points don't show a global trend.  But wait...if my alcohol-addled memory has any functioning cells left, seems t' me that the merry band of global-warming hoaxers took known temperature data and *changed it*--virtually always upward, using an algorithm that they steadfastly refused to reveal to anyone, even when threatened with a lawsuit.  (See they were government entities so it didn't matter if they lost since they wouldn't go to jail or have to pay any fines.  Your tax dollars would!  Cool deal, eh?)

So how is it that they can alter data, but insist that known data contra to their beloved, unquestionable theory be ignored?

Oh, that's right:  It's...ahem..."settled science."

Either that or 100 percent bullshit.  Guess we'll see.  But I'll bet there are about a half-million Syrians who would just *love* to have a bit more "global warming" about now.


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