Friday, December 13

An empty suit...

A commenter at Belmont Club had this thought about Obama:
Right and wrong, as we understand them, are foreign concepts to him.  To Obama, whatever he wants, by definition, is right.  What he doesn't want is wrong.  "Period."  That's why he lies so easily and naturally.
Let me try to fine-tune that a bit.

If you're younger than 50 or so you probably don't know much about one Charles Manson.  Yeah, he's in prison, and crazy as a bedbug, but for the purpose here what you need to know is that he was raise entirely by women--not a single male in or near his house.  As a result, everyone doted on "darling" Charlie.  Who grew up thinking whatever he wanted was right.

Now consider the occupant of the oval office:  Raised by his mother's parents, who gave him everything to compensate for their confusion over how to relate to a half-black child whose mother basically dumped him in their lap.  Private school, lots of weed and lots of attention.  No real job that anyone's been able to uncover.

Something's clearly screwy about his birth certificate--something that would likely make most people think running for president might not be a great idea, but it didn't faze him a bit. 

For 14 *years* the guy's own publisher published a list of biographical summaries of their authors, saying he was born in Kenya, yet he implies (thru his minions, of course) that he had no idea.

Sealed college records--again, does any rational adult think you'd do that if you *weren't* trying to conceal something?  Of course not.  But every single liberal/Democrat/"progressive" just shrugs off the obvious conclusion.

Then there's the most recent lie about "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.  Period."  He knew all along it was bullshit.  Even today he could direct his subordinates to re-write the discretionary regulations to let people keep their old policies and doctors, but he refuses to do so.  Why??

Because he cannot allow himself to admit to *ever* making an error in judgment.  Never.  Because in order to do so he must come to terms with the fact that he is NOT the arbiter of truth; that whatever he wants or thinks is NOT necessarily right.  These things he cannot do.

Thus we have Obama's utterly, totally absurd excuse that "everyone knew" that what he *meant* by his lie was that "you can keep it *as long as it hasn't changed since the law was passed."

Nice try, asshole.  You lied--deliberately, with malice aforethought.  You never thought anyone would call you on it, because never--not once in your entire undistinguished life--has a single person EVER held you to account for a single thing you did or said.  You've skated your whole life, surviving on bluster and smarm and charm and intimidation and the race card. 

You're an empty suit.  And you always have been.

You don't have the competence to tie a square-knot.  You're a fake, a fraud, a walking pile of bullshit.  But you have a great smile and a marvelous timbre in your speaking voice, and there have always been *crowds* of adoring fans cheering your every move.  I don't doubt that's one hellofa rush, and that alone could power you to do lots of audacious things.

And did, apparently.

Now the question is, will congress let you skate on into a lucrative retirement?  I suspect it will, since congress seems to be comfortable with collecting their checks and abdicating their responsibilities.  Nothing new there.

Hey, there's bourbon in the cabinet and a dog next to my leg, and I don't have any kids, so...


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