Saturday, November 9

WOW! "Strong" jobs figure released! Media totally ignores far worse number in same report

Didja hear about the GREAT jobs report just released??

Sure you did!  You just don't remember it, but if you heard ANY news broadcast in the last few days you heard this report, since it led most broadcasts on the day it came out, and was then repeated endlessly over the next few days.

Typical is this one from something called "MSN," which I understand is some sort of cable-TV outfit.

US businesses boost hiring despite the shutdown

November 8, 2013
(AP) Employers added a surprisingly strong 204,000 jobs in October despite the 16-day government shutdown, the Labor Department said Friday. And they did a lot more hiring in August and September than previously thought.

Not only that, but activity at service companies and factories accelerated last month.

Unemployment rose to 7.3 percent from 7.2 percent in September. But that was probably because furloughed federal workers were temporarily counted as unemployed.

Analysts say the economy might be able to sustain its improvement.  They note that job gains of recent months, combined with modest increases in pay, could encourage more spending in coming months.  Auto sales are likely to stay strong because many Americans are buying cars after putting off big purchases since the recession struck nearly six years ago.
And with the nationwide average for gasoline at $3.21 — the lowest since December 2011 — consumers have a little more money to spend.
Why yes, yes we do!  I saved six bucks last time I filled up!  That's super!  I think I'll go buy a new car!

Folks, MSN's piece is pro-Obama propaganda, pure and simple.  "The economy is getting so much, MUCH better!  Jobs are being created like mad!  The tiny up-tick in unemployment was 'probably' because they counted federal workers who were sent home during that awful shutdown (which, of course, was entirely caused by those mean ol' Rethuglicans)."

Here's NBC's spin:
The president was seeking to put the emphasis on the economy on a day when new data showed that employment surged by a net 204,000 jobs in October even as the unemployment rate rose to 7.3 percent. Those numbers exceeded analysts’ predictions of job creation after the lengthy government shutdown brought on by partisan disagreement over the health care law.
Again, pure Democratic propaganda.  "Employment *surged*..."  "Exceeded analysts' predictions..."  Another mention of the government shutdown, this time described as "lengthy" (all of 19 days).

But in the same government jobs report released Friday that MSN was so giddy about was another statistic:  During the same month that saw the job creation number breathlessly touted by the MSN story above--that "surprisingly strong" 204,000, as MSN put it--932,000 Americans dropped out of the labor force.

Wait, surely that has to be a typo.

Cuz there's no way a cable network newsliar could see both figures in the same report--four times more Americans dropped out of the labor force in October than the number of jobs created--and still air a story gushing about the jobs and not saying a word about the 932,000 who quit looking.

What?  You say you never heard a word about the 932,000 Americans who dropped out of the labor force in October?

Why, I'm astonished.  Cuz surely that number had to have been published in lotsa' papers, and would have been the top story in numerous news shows, and must have been published on-line by MSN and NBC and MSNBC and MNSBC and NBCBD and...

But of course you didn't hear that, comrade.  Because it doesn't fit The Narrative, the Party Line.  It doesn't help Duh Won, or Duh Democrats.

Nevertheless, it's a fact.  And facts have this disconcerting tendency of not going away just because the gummint and media want you to ignore 'em.

Oh, and you do know that the government doesn't count people who have stopped looking for work as being unemployed, right?  Pretty convenient, eh?

And one more thing:  Got any idea how many adults entered the workforce in that same month of October?  213,000.  So this allegedly "surging" job creation--"surprisingly strong"--wasn't enough to even cover the number of new people entering the job market in October.

But neither NBC nor MSN nor any other other networks mentioned that little little fact, eh?  Cuz, Obama.


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