Thursday, November 7

Photo ID required to tour White House...Obama still against requiring photo ID to vote

Wow!  The Obama administration has finally resumed allowing the great unwashed public to tour the White House!

Just one thing: If you want to visit it, you have to show a photo ID.  Because, Obama.  And it's not for security--everyone still has to file through scanners that detect metal and explosives.  It's just cuz the WH is soooo f'n important.

By contrast, King Barry resolutely opposes having to show a photo ID to vote. 

Do ya think that's because he thinks voting is unimportant?  Or is it because that would make it harder to commit vote fraud?

Gee, if only there was a job that would let someone ask the president hard, pointed questions and publish the answers...

Nah, no one would have the balls to ask King Barry a hard question.  Cuz if they did, they wouldn't get invited to the best Washington parties.


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