Tuesday, November 5

What do we call it when people insist your dog is really an alien?

One of the defining signs of mental illness is when someone doesn't recognize reality.

For example, a guy who believes your cell phone is actually a chocolate candy and wants to eat it.

Most of the time people like that are fairly harmless.  But when they're in positions of power--say an airline pilot, surgeon or cop--it's a much different story.

Thus when Democrat Nancy Pelosi is televised on MSNBC (apparently that's a cable "network") insisting that the implementation of ObamaCare "has gone very well" you have to wonder if she's a) just lying for the team; or b) delusional.

Pelosi also dismissed President Obama’s “keep your insurance” promise as not meaning what he clearly intended people to understand, and said families that had had their health insurance cancelled “will do better.”

Really, you have to see it to believe it.  And this woman was once the leader of the Democrat party and Speaker of the House.

Say it with me: "Elections have consequences."


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