Sunday, November 3

Pelosi: Glitches in Obamacare website are trivial, won't hurt Dems in next election

On Friday Democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi called the problems with the Obamacare website “incidental” and predicted they would have no effect on the nationwide elections next year.
The glitches are incidental to the value of what the Affordable Care Act represents,” she said. “We will get through them. We find the glitches unacceptable...but it’s not going to have any impact on the election.
And interestingly, she's probably right--because the "low-information voters" who comprise just over 40% of the electorate couldn't care less.  They're thrilled to get free medical insurance.  Then another 12% are so-called "progressive" or merely liberal leftists who think giving more "freebies" to the poor makes them more caring and righteous, and who couldn't care less if we have to borrow all the money for the "freebies" from China.

This latter group has no problem at all with the government putting a barely-metaphorical gun to your head and taking your tax dollars to fund their favorite freebies, because to them it's either "charity" (hint:  it ain't) or something the poor are "owed," possibly by virtue of being American citizens.

Oh wait:  this same group pushes for giving the same "free" handouts to illegal immigrants (or whatever the hell politically-correct term they're currently using), so I guess the argument that they're merely helping poor U.S. citizens isn't it after all. 

I guess everyone in the whole world is entitled to anything these Grand Idea ivy-leaguers have the votes to ram through.  And if they don't have the votes they can always ram it through in a no-records "conference committee," as they did with Obamacare.

It's funny:  At least with Social Security the Dems made a *pretense* of the program being funded by the people who would supposedly get the payout later.  Indeed, it was billed as "insurance," not welfare.  But with welfare and now "free" (i.e. taxpayer-funded) health insurance there's no pretense--it's plain ol' income redistribution.

Now, I think private charity is wonderful, and Americans give billions every year.  Interestingly, the figures show that folks in conservative states give something like twice as much per-capita as folks in liberal enclaves.  Funny, that.  But money extracted by government is NOT charity.  Rather, the government has convinced favored groups that they have a  right to your money.  Which pretty much rules it out as being charity.

If you don't believe that, read the comments on lefty websites when the EBT card system hiccupped for a few hours last month.  You'll get a quick and sobering education.


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