Tuesday, November 5

Obamacare will force elderly single men to have insurance covering maternity care??

Ever run across the phrase "One size fits all"?  If so you were probably skeptical, realizing that while one size could *technically* "fit" everyone, not everyone would be *well-fitted* by a single size.

Welcome to health insurance, government style.

You may have heard stories about 70-year-old men being required to buy insurance covering maternity care.  You thought that was hyperbole.  It wasn't.

Yes, thanks to Obamacare all new health-insurance policies in the U.S. will be required to include ten "benefits" decreed to be "essential" by your masters in Washington.  So whether you want it or not, or know you'd never ever need it, all health policies must now include
  1. Maternity and newborn care; and
  2. Mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioral health treatment
What conceivable reason can there be to force old men to buy an insurance policy covering maternity care?  Or to force everyone to have coverage for "substance abuse disorders"?

No matter.  Welcome to Obamacare, comrade.  One size fits all.


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