Saturday, November 2

"Government health care is better--which is why we're forcing you to sign up!"

Barry and his Democrat henchmen *imply* that government-run medicine is great.  After all, if the government's system wasn't better, why would they have to *force* everyone into it, eh? 

But consider an argument made by leftists/Democrats themselves:  If there were two tracks--private and government-run (i.e. socialized medicine)--poor people would all be in the latter system.  At that point leftists would be howling that it simply wasn't FAIR that wealthy people got "gold-plated" medical care while the poor were "thrown into the government system."  The Left's solution would be to end the "unfairness" by abolishing the private system used by self-supporting Americans.

But if government-run health care (a.k.a. socialized medicine) really *was* better, how could the Left complain that the two-track system was unfair?

Obviously a government system is only "better" than a private system for those who can't afford insurance.  For the rest of us it's worse--which is why you're being forced into it at the point of a gun.

And yes, I know that's a metaphor:  Government agents won't actually use a gun when they come to haul your ass off to jail for not paying your health tax.


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