Saturday, November 2

Ever heard of Kulaks?

 Readers under 30 or so have little personal memory of it, but there was once a large, formidable group called the Soviet Union.  They were the original communists, and while the individual people were just as bright as anyone, under their system the government controlled everything.  Every decision about production was made by some party apparatchik.

One predictable result was that a lot of things didn't work very well.  There were constant shortages of things as simple as toilet paper, as well as damn near everything else.

For example, if one saved enough for a car it was normal to have to wait five years to take delivery.

Want a government-supplied apartment?  Just wait two years.

Betcha' a margarita your highschool teachers didn't mention a single word about any of that, eh?  Cuz to most teachers, capitalism is a terrible, nasty system cuz it's, you know, unfair.


In any case, the Soviet rulers were constantly making "Five-Year Plans" decreeing how many tons of steel and coal and oil and so on that the workers must produce by the plan's end.  This method was much more efficient than trying to make laws, since it didn't require negotiation or compromise--sorta' like a U.S. president issuing Executive Orders.  And because the leaders were so very, very important and powerful--much like our own pols--all the workers saluted smartly and...wandered off to drink vodka in the supply room.

You probably won't be surprised to hear that the grand Five-Year Plans set by the rulers rarely reached the goals the leaders decreed.

When that happened, the communist apparatchiks had an excuse all ready to use:  Any failure to meet the goals of the Plan, comrade, was because of sabotage by "kulaks"-- farmers who opposed the Party seizing their farms and harvests at gunpoint.

Guess kulaks were the original "stupid, bitter people clinging to their religion," as a Democrat described residents of flyover country a few years ago.

During Stalin's rule "peasants with a couple of cows or five or six acres more than their neighbors" were labeled kulaks--and thus by inference, enemies of the State.  Lenin described them as "bloodsuckers, vampires, plunderers of the people and profiteers."

I relate this story because history keeps repeating, as the Democrats and their Media allies are trotting out an American version of 'kulaks' to explain why Obamacare to put it?  "Having a few launch problems."

Today's kulaks, of course, are Republicans.  As the Democrats and the media tell it, whatever problems Obamacare may conceivably have are caused by...Republicans in the House of Representatives.

And how, you may wonder, have the Repubs managed to sabotage Obamacare?  Why, by refusing to help Democrats fix it.

Whoa, did I miss something big?  Cuz, y'know, I was under the impression that the bill was SO awful, and the Repubs warned repeatedly that it was going to be a huge disaster--and the Dem leadership was so adamant about refusing to negotiate on a single one of its terms with Repubs--and had to use the parliamentary trick of "deemed passed" to ram it through without a single Republican vote, that I don't see why anyone would think the Repubs had an iota of obligation to "fix" the disaster.

And sure enough, right on cue comes "The Lesson of Obamacare: Sabotage Works" in the lefty rag "Mother Jones."

Wait, I thought opposing bad laws and government policies was an honored "high principle."  Oh wait, that only applies when it's Democrats opposing a Republican president.  When Duh Won is running things, if anyone opposes The Program it's...sabotage!

The elite seem to honestly believe this.

I'd close with "unbelievable" but in the reign of Obozo *nothing* is beyond the pale.


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