Wednesday, October 23

Strategy for getting Obamacare to work

The Democrat strategy for Obamacare is shaping up nicely: 

  1. Ram a horribly ill-conceived bill through congress--without a single Republican vote,
  2. When the rollout looks as though it'll kill businesses--which are critical to making the program's economics work--simply delay those mandates as long as needed;
  3. Blame the program's troubles on Republicans, claiming they sabotaged it because they don't like a black president (i.e. they're all racists);
  4.  Have media allies start a campaign to shame Republicans into trying to "fix" the fatally flawed program;
  5.  Sit back with folded hands while Republicans do everything possible to "fix" Obamacare;
  6.  Take credit for a reasonably-working health-care "reform."

You gotta admire chutzpah like that.


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