Sunday, October 27

Muslims murdering Christian civilians, part 284,853

Read the story at this link.  It's from a major German network, and is about Muslim "extremists" in Syria systematically killing Christians.

The victims aren't combatants but ordinary civilians.  They're being targeted simply because they're Christians, and in Syria most Christians supported the Assad regime because it nominally allowed religious freedom.

Of course leftists won't believe this story, because they've been told by that international Man of Mystery--Barack Hussein Obama, he of the super-secret sealed records--that Islam is a "religion of peace." 

For those who were raised to believe words actually had a reasonably consistent meaning, instead of whatever the Party wanted them to mean on any given day, the logical inference is that members of "the religion of peace" wouldn't go shooting unarmed Christians just for the hell of it.

But this is exactly the truth of the matter.  In fact the jihadists have used their websites to post the names of Christians they have vowed to kill.  I would suggest that shows that they don't have the slightest concerns about being prosecuted for any of these killings.

One can only laugh at the mental dilemma of the few hundred western leftists who are actually Christians as they struggle to reconcile stories like this with the soothing, mellow assurances of their Fearless Leader.

Here's a flash:  Historically, the so-called Islamic "extremists" are actually the ones setting policy.  Not a single Muslim in the world has the courage to openly oppose them, for fear of being killed.  Wishing will not make them go away.  Hoping will not make them stop murdering Christians. 

Of course if you're not a Christian you think that's no problem.  And it won't be, providing you're willing to become a Muslim.

And knowing leftists, that shouldn't be any problem at all.


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