Saturday, November 9

Somethin' way wrong here

There are 36 videos of Obama reassuring voters--on 36 different occasions--that "If you like your health-care plan you'll be able to keep it.  Period."

Given that overwhelming video evidence, it was stunning to hear Obama, speaking to a crowd of adoring former "Organizing for Obama" supporters in D.C. November 4th--claim he never said that.

Instead, he told his supporters, “What we said was you could keep your health policy if it hasn’t changed since the law was passed.

I mention this because I think it's utterly chilling--frightening--to watch the ease with which Obama lies in the face of overwhelming evidence that he's lying.

That is, not once in his previous reassurances--again, 36 times, all on video--did Obama mention the "if it hasn't changed" caveat.  Not once.

People tell brazen lies all the time, but it's hard to imagine a normal person lying so brazenly in the face of so much evidence showing his lie. 

What internal calculus makes someone decide to lie in the face of such overwhelming evidence?

Since no one can ever manage to get a straight story about who did what when in the Obama administration, I would have expected Obama to explain away the "you can keep it" lie by saying "I clearly told the Secretary of HHS that the regulations they wrote must allow people to keep their policies, and I was shocked to find that this instruction was not followed by the writers."  No one would ever have been able to prove that didn't happen.

I mean, think about the other known instances of government lawbreaking by Obama lackeys: the IRS harrassing conservative groups; the operation to smuggle guns to Mexican drug cartels; Benghazi.  No one--not even the House of Representatives--can get a straight story about who did what.  Obama's minions brazenly lie and no one bats an eye.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Obama’s twin lies about Obamacare--first "you can keep it" and now the "We said you could keep it only if it hasn't changed since the law was passed" lie is that he apparently feels safe to brazenly utter both--he doesn't seem to be concerned that Americans know he's lying.

Not good.


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