Wednesday, November 27

Democrats create facebook page blaming Repubs for Obamacare troubles

The media keep telling us how Democrats are trying to unite and heal the country, while Republicans are the mean, nasty dividers.

Yeah, that's what the media keeps saying.

Well now those wonderful, healing Democrats have come up with yet another way to unite Americans:  They've created a Facebook page titled “Republicans Sabotaged Your Health Care.” 

Yeah, I'm not kidding.

See, you may have heard some nasty rumors that the president and 27 Democratic congresspersons may have said something like "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.  And if you like your health insurance you can keep it.  Period."  Totally because of these rumors--started by Republicans--a lot of Americans believed this.  And then a tiny number of Americans--4.8 million or so at last count--found out this wasn't true.

But of course those rumors were *never* true:  Neither your president nor any Democrat congressperson ever said that.  So...there ya go, citizen:  Those were only rumors, started and spread by those awful Rethuglicans just to...sabotage our marvelous Democrat-crafted health-care law. 

Oh, and to tarnish the reputation of our wonderful president.

Check out the Dem page--especially the comments.  A few minutes ago there were 84, 80 of which were comparing the effort to Obamacare itself:  Astonishingly brazen and inept.


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