Wednesday, November 27

Facing a sure loss in a recall petition, Colorado Democrat resigns

Wow, an early Thanksgiving present, and the feel-good story of the day:   Earlier this year Colorado voters recalled--i.e. fired--two Democrat state senators, one of whom was the leader of the state senate.

The two were fired because they opposed the Second Amendment's right to keep and bear arms, and it would be hard to find two guys more deserving of an early retirement (unfortunately still with retirement pay intact).

After the recalls/firings, the chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee smugly assured state Democrats that “the recall results will do nothing to change the Democratic control of the Colorado House, Senate and Governor’s office.”

She was right:  even after the recalls Democrats still controlled the Colorado senate by a razor-thin one-vote margin.

Colorado voters considered that for a moment--and promptly started a third recall petition, this time for a nasty, wacko state senator named Evie Hudak.  You can't appreciate what a piece of work Evie is without listening to her screeching dressing-down of a Republican colleague who had the temerity to call a point of order while she was chairing a committee hearing on a crucial tax increase.  I'll try to find it again.  But for now...

Democrat fixers pulled out all the stops to convince voters to NOT sign the recall petitions but their best scare stories couldn't stop the wave of voter anger:  Recall signatures poured in.  Finally party leaders gave Evie the bad news:  The recall is sure to pass the required number of signatures, and you don't have a chance of winning the required election.  BUT if you *resign* instead of forcing a recall election, our Democrat party gets to appoint your replacement without having an election.

"There ya go, peons:  Democracy in Action!  After all, believe us when we tell you the Democratic Party is all about  'democracy,' right?   It's right there in our name!  So...see?"

So Evie resigned, to allow the Democrat party to maintain control of the state senate.  What a brilliant, cunning move!  Republicans can't hope to enforce that kind of party discipline.  The best we can hope for is that voters will make this strategy very, very common.


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