Wednesday, November 27

Leftist rag claims "no evidence knockout game is spreading" OR racially motivated

Ever hear of an evil assault called The Knockout Game?

If you haven't, google it.  It's when a group of...uhh..."youths"...tries to find a white person on a public sidewalk and knock him or her out with one punch.

Great fun, eh?

Wait, it gets better:  Victims have included a 78-year-old woman.  And the ignorant, evil little bastards are so fucking arrogant that they use their Obamaphones to video the whole thing and post it on the internet.  YouTube alone has scores of these clips.

The media has tried to ignore these incidents, claiming "random acts" rather than targeted crimes; claiming any such attacks were perpetrated by "youths" while carefully avoiding any mention of race.  But as the number of videos posted has grown alarmingly the shield is beginning to crumble:  The mayor of Philadelphia and NYC's chief of police have had public press conferences on the problem.

But now--predictably--comes a Leftist rag (Slate) claiming "The 'knockout game' trend is a myth."

Now the false trend story of black mob violence has cropped up again, as it seems to do annually, in conservative media outlets.  The new scare is the "knockout game," in which black youths supposedly attack innocent people just for fun. Conservative pundits decry the MSM for suffering from political correctness and whitewashing crimes perpetrated by black people, but a more reasonable explanation for why most media outlets aren't devoting round-the-clock coverage to the knockout game is that there is no hard data showing that it's a trend.
Really?  Wow, how did they come by this information?

Here’s the fascinating thing about this “spreading” trend: nobody seems to have any evidence that it’s spreading, or that it’s new, or that it’s racially motivated, or that black youths are the ones typically responsible, or that whites are typically targeted.
This is the trifecta:  not only no evidence that it's spreading, but none that it's racially motivated OR that black youths are even "typically responsible" OR that whites are typically targeted.  Because if you ignore all the YT vids it virtually disappears.  See how well that works?  "We don't report it, so it didn't happen!"

One can picture author Emma Roller sitting calmly on the deck of the Titanic saying "There is absolutely no evidence that this ship is sinking.  Perhaps she's a bit low by the bow but I can't *see* it actually sinking lower so I think we're just fine, thanks."

Oh, and you might google Marvell Weaver.  Who is serving time after getting caught.  Admits it's a popular game with his friends, and that he'd "played" 7 or 8 times.  But no, it's not a trend, and it's not black males targeting whites.  It's just funloving teens letting off steam.



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