Sunday, November 24

Why the next three years pose a frightening risk

Obama's thorough disregard for U.S. laws has been thoroughly demonstrated, and will get worse.  His domestic policies will continue to force more spending on "freebies" for his base, and as the national debt climbs our balance of payments will worsen.

But a third risk has barely been mentioned by the Lying Media.  (They know but don't want to call it to your attention.):  It's the risk of significant Chinese aggression.  Let me explain.

The world knows that Obama--a man who, astonishingly, was awarded the Nobel peace prize for nothing more than taking office--has no desire to maintain the U.S. as the world's policeman.  That is, his track record shows that he's unlikely to challenge any expansionist move by any nation.

To make matter considerably worse, the world knows that the U.S. is locked into this president--and thus the no-resistance policy noted above--for the next three years. 

There is no way the U.S. can change course during those three years.  Even if enough senators were to agree that Obama had done something that warranted being removed from office (a political impossibility), none would want to put the idiot Biden into the White House.  So for the next three years our opponents know the U.S. is locked in to a no-resistance position as far as international political and military confrontations.

To say this is a grave concern is a huge understatement.

The concern is not that China will claim ownership of a few tens of thousands of square miles of the Pacific, but that they'll miscalculate and overreach.  They'll shoot down a Japanese plane for not complying with their air-traffic-control instructions, or sink one of their ships--something they would never have tried in the past because they were pretty sure the U.S. would come to the defense of our Japanese ally. 

But now that certainty has swung the other way:  The Chinese (and Iranians, and North Koreans, and...) are pretty sure the Obozo administration would *never* take military action against them, regardless of the provocation.  After all, this is an administration that wouldn't send troops or planes in to kill the guys who killed four U.S. citizens--including our ambassador--in Benghazi.  And lied to excuse and cover for their own incompetence.

If the U.S. can't (or won't--no operational difference) take on a few hundred barely-literate, poorly equipped terrorists in Benghazi, the signal is clear to any nation that cares to notice.

But hey, don't worry, citizen.  It's okay.  The Chinese are really savvy, so it's pretty unlikely that they'd overreach.  Besides, why should it be any concern of ours if China claims Taiwan, or the Philippines, or some tiny islands claimed by Japan?  Isn't that their right, as the biggest power in the region?

After all, as the American Left tells it, the real reason we invaded Iraq was to steal their oil.  If we could do that, we can scarcely object if the Chinese take a much-less-lethal action.

See where this is going yet? 

The Left claims something called "Moral Equivalence," a belief that our system is no better than that of China or Russia or Iran or Saudi Arabia.  In fact if you press 'em the most ardent Leftists will actually claim that our system of government (at least before Obama) is no better even than that of North Korea

Yes, that's right:  They claim a regime that imprisons and then starves entire families as punishment for one person saying something unflattering about its dictatorial leader is no worse than ours.  Because ours is unfair, see.  And raaaacist.  And is slanted to allow a few people at the top to have billions while everyone else has to work like a dog to get their EBT card and Obamaphone and free Section-8 housing.

Sorry, got a bit distracted there.

Anyway, if you accept the Left's theory of Moral Equivalence, no national system is any better or worse than any other, so it follows that Americans simply cannot allow our government to oppose the actions of any of those very reasonable, thoughtful, liberal nations.  Like China and North Korea and Iran.

And of course that's Obama's main line.

Hey, if *we* have nuclear weapons, why can't every other nation that wants 'em have them?  It's only fair.

Some day your kids will look back on the period of Pax Americana and wonder how we let it all slip away.  And no one will know.

And the Leftists will smile and think how easy it was to disarm the nation that once did a pretty fair job of promoting trade, keeping the sea lanes open and generally keeping the peace.


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