Saturday, November 23

Obama for president, 2008

Thank God--excuse me: Thank Barack for the internet!  Back in the old days when a politician lied his ass off there wasn't any way to prove it.  But thanks to the Archive function of the internet, here's what Obama said his Plan would do:

Now if you highlight the area after the word "cases" above you should see some otherwise-invisible text that reads "Of course you'll only pay less if your policy doesn't change in any way, and only if it covers maternity care, birth control and substance abuse, even if you're a 70-year-old man.  Otherwise you'll have to change plans and you'll pay more."  Cuz, you know, Obama and the Dems and the media claim he added that trivial little qualifier every time.  So...look reeeallly close and you'll see it.

Find it?  C'mon, you're not thinking right.  Remember, it's almost invisible, even after you highlight it.

Now consider that $2,500 that a "typical family" is alleged to save each year in premiums.  Anybody seeing savings at all?   Most of those who've reported  say their premiums have gone they HAD to if those who PAID premiums were to pay enough to cover the cost of subsidizing all those who couldn't afford health insurance before and now were to get theirs paid for.

If you're not clear on that let me try one more time:  Before Obamacare passed, your insurance premium paid the cost of medical care for you and others who were paying similar amounts.  After the Democrats rammed the thing through, you'll have to pay enough in premiums to cover everyone who doesn't have insurance.

A big chunk of the extra cost was supposed to be paid by healthy young people who would be forced (like everyone) to buy insurance or pay a penalty.  But even before the law was rammed through, many young people went without health insurance because...brace yourself...they were *healthy*.  So why get the picture.

But like all utopian leftists, Obama and his gang of academic pinheads never paused to consider whether passing a *LAW* would get the young to obey it.  (After all, kids look around to see what the hell *works*, and they saw right away that the Obama gang didn't seem to pay much attention to obeying laws themselves, so...)

But why worry about trivia like math or economics.  I mean, how can anyone possibly think those two things could de-rail something created by the best minds in the Democrat party?


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