Monday, November 25

Audio of welfare recipient bragging about her sweet deal--must hear to believe

You really need to listen to the audio clip below.  It'll educate you more than a dozen college courses.  It's of a 32-year-old Austin woman happily admitting that she gets to relax all day, visit her friends and smoke weed--because she gets enough in welfare payments that she doesn't have to work.

When the host asks her if she's not embarrassed at letting taxpayers support her life of leisure she replies that she's not in the least.  In fact she actually seems to gloat that she's the clever one to avoid work and let others support her.  She notes that her parents were on welfare and says she wouldn't mind if her three kids never worked at all.  She has a husband but admits he doesn't work either.

When pressed by the host she says--seemingly with a lot of regret-- that she wouldn't mind if her kids worked "some," but her tone suggests she'd be either perplexed or disappointed if that were to happen. 

Listen to the clip.  It's only about seven minutes, and hearing it will convince you that no amount of job creation will get people like this off welfare.  They are absolutely where they want to be.  Uh...period.  All the whining about too few jobs is nothing but an excuse to keep living their life of leisure.

And you know what?  I understand.  Perfectly.  As the gal puts it, If someone offered you a million dollars, what would you do?  Her position is that if taxpayers are dumb enough to let these programs exist and give away money, you'd have to be crazy to not take it.

I'm starting to think that the only way to fix this is to abolish *government* welfare.  Give it back to the churches, and give them carte-blanche to make whatever decisions seem right.  It's the only way to throw the moochers off the gravy train.


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