Thursday, July 18

Liberal writer: Martin case is really about "white privilege"??

Liberals have been going nuts about the Zimmerman verdict.  Latest example is a piece in Time magazine.  Like every liberal writer bloviating about the Zimmerman case, the author completely ignores the issue of self-defense and instead decides the fundamental issue in the case is...white privilege??
If there's one good thing to come out of the George Zimmerman verdict it's the acknowledgement of white privilege
      by Eric Liu, Time magazine, July 17, 2013

If there is one hopeful note amid all the anguish and recrimination from the acquittal of George Zimmerman, it’s that growing numbers of white people have come to appreciate whiteness for what it is: an unearned set of privileges.
Whiteness had nothing to do with this case. Self-defense is a right enjoyed by all, regardless of race, not a privilege available only to whites. As many have noted, if the races of the two were reversed the shooting wouldn't have made the news.
[T]he core that Martin died not because he was wearing a hoodie but because he was wearing a hoodie while black. Blackness was the fatal variable.
Bullshit. The core issue was and is, Is a person who's been ambushed and is flat on the ground getting pounded obligated to simply be beaten to death, or does that person have the right of self-defense?
And so now, post-verdict...huge numbers of white Americans are posting testimonials and images to declare that because they are not black they have never had to confront the awful choices Martin faced when Zimmerman began to pursue him.
First, notice how the author describes GZ's watching Martin as "pursuing" him. Aids the "poor innocent Trayvon" theme. Martin made a bad choice to ambush and pound GZ. Obviously he didn't have to do that. Martin assaulted Zimmerman, period.
[This is] about owning up to the unequal privilege of being nonblack and saying, in essence, “I am George Zimmerman [so] I get to have my fears trump reality. I get get-out-of-jail-free cards. I get a presumption of innocent victimhood, no matter what my own acts or attitudes.
There are some statements that are so packed with utter bullshit that one hardly knows where to begin. First, note how smoothly the author switches from "white privilege" to "the privilege of being nonblack." Because unfortunately for the author, GZ was half Hispanic. Oooh, that doesn't support the point of the piece: "white privilege." So the author deftly finesses the inconvenient fact.
[I]f America is to transcend its long conflation of whiteness with Americanness, it will fall on white people — those wise enough to see they are not Martin and humane enough not to become George — to lead us all to that promised land.
Once again we see the core liberal/Left/Democrat premise that Zimmerman's use of a gun in defending his life against an ambush beating was "inhumane." Does anyone think liberals truly oppose the use of deadly force in self-defense when someone is attacked?  Of course not. Rather, they saw a chance to agonize about a young black who chose to ambush and beat senseless someone of a different race who had done him no harm.

Martin chose to attack Zimmerman because he thought he could beat him.  In other words, he could get away with it.  He couldn't have known that GZ was armed and would not have attacked had he known that.  He was using the classic urban-predator mind-set of "I'm bigger and stronger so I can do whatever I want," but for once that assumption didn't hold.

And if the races had been reversed, no one on the left would have said a word.


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