Friday, July 12

Chair of Texas Democratic party makes brazenly false claim about consequences of controversial bill

Ordinary rank-and-file Democrats can't be regarded as speaking for the party.  But you'd think the chair of the Democratic party of a very large state would be held to a higher standard.  Namely, you'd expect him or her to be truthful and factual, or at least not to lie to the press about major things.


Consider one Gilberto Hinojosa, who by all accounts is the chairman of the Democratic party of Texas.  On July 3rd Hinojosa sent an email seeking support to defeat the bill before the Texas legislature restricting abortion to not later than 20 weeks (with exceptions for health) and force abortion providers to comply with the same requirements as regular clinics.  The email included this line:
If this bill passes, someone living in El Paso would have to drive 550 miles each way to San Antonio for something as simple as cervical cancer screening at a clinic.
This claim was so outrageously false that even left-wing Politifact was shamed into investigating its veracity.  And here's what happened:
When we contacted the Democratic Party about Hinojosa’s claim, spokeswoman Tanene Allison told us by email that although the chairman’s San Antonio reference could be read as saying no El Paso facility would continue to provide such services, it was not intended that way.

Hinojosa "does recognize that there may be other clinics open for these screenings in El Paso," Allison said.
"Our intention was to say that if you go to the clinics that are covered under HB2, you would have to drive 550 miles to get some of the services that you normally get locally," Allison said. "We certainly could have been clearer...."
Ah yes, just as Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton "could have been clearer" in denying he'd ever had sex with "that woman, Miss Lewinski."  Just as Susan Rice "could have been clearer" in her unequivocal claim that the attack in Benghazi was entirely due to outrage over an amateur movie trailer on YouTube. 

Just as Barack H. Obama "could have been clearer" in saying "Health insurance costs will go down for everyone."

Just as Janet Napolitano "could have been clearer" in saying "Our southern border is more secure now than at any time in the past."

But one thing doesn't need to be any clearer:  the modus operandi for most Democrat politicians is lie, lie, lie--frequently, shamelessly, brazenly; secure in the knowledge that not one time out of a thousand will any of the Dem-loving media be so rude as to actually call you on it.

And if by chance someone in the media does point out your outrageous lie, trot out a female spokesperson (less likely to be seriously questioned by other reporters) to say "We could have been clearer."


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