Friday, July 12

UK teacher forbids schoolkid from drinking water to avoid offending...Muslims

Data point number 3,865,395 on how "creeping sharia" takes over a nation.  This example comes from a liberal gradeschool teacher in the U.K.

Seems that on the hottest day of the year in Portsmouth, England, a ten-year-old in a school wanted a drink of water.  But there were Muslim children in the class.  And right now Muslims are observing "Ramadan," during which they're not permitted to eat or drink during daylight hours.

Fair enough.  If their fucking ridiculous bloodthirsty "religion" demanded that they set themselves on fire, that's their business.

But the teacher decided it that since the Muslim kids were forbidden by their faith to eat or drink, "it wouldn't be fair" to the Muslims if any of the other students took a drink of water during the school day.  The story at the link also said she was concerned that letting the non-Muslim student drink might offend the Muslim children.  So she ordered that the ten-year-old not to take a drink of water.

I've seen enough crazy "politically-correct" bullshit in my life to be thoroughly sick of it.  I've finally decided that the statist bastards that push that crap are my mortal enemies--as they are of all non-statists. 

That is all.


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