Saturday, July 13

Any bets on riots?

As the jury began deliberations in the trial of George Zimmerman, angry blacks and a few white revolutionaries were calling for riots if the jury doesn't return a guilty verdict.

Of course you think I'm exaggerating.  In which case click here and see for yourself:  It's
If Zimmerman walks free again, it will be like a declaration of Open Season on Black youth!  This...must not be allowed to go down without determined mass resistance.
[We call] on everybody who wants to see “Justice 4 Trayvon” to take that desire to the streets.  Make plans for a vigil when the case goes to the jury, and to TAKE TO THE STREETS ON THE DAY OF OR THE DAY AFTER THE VERDICT COMES DOWN, WHICHEVER WAY IT GOES!
Emphasis is in the original.  And note well that "whichever way it goes" line.  What does it tell you when the dude is calling for protesters to "take to the streets" regardless of the verdict?

There's still time for Obama to go on national television and call for no demonstrations, as I suggested a day or two ago.  It would be a thoughtful, responsible thing for a president to do.  But I don't think this will happen, because Obie doesn't want to be seen by blacks as "reasonable" in situations like the Martin case, because it would anger his base.  For the same reason, if the rioters start burning inner cities, I don't see Obie taking the lead in calling out the National Guard with orders to shoot.  His base would go nuts.

So with no one in the WH willing to publically call for calm we'll just have to see if the hotheads and race-baiters succeed in igniting riots.or if cooler heads prevail.


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